Superb food for every occasion

Once, on St. Aloysius Day, there was a school ceremony at the Holy Trinity church. For us the main part of the ceremony was štruklji and cherries, everything else – mass, singing and boring speeches, were just a nuisance to us.

(Ivan Cankar, Moje življenje)

Selected food and drinks are very important part of every special occasion. If you organize family celebrations or business meetings, we will take care of your guests with specially selected dishes and drinks.

We will consider your wishes with great care and together we will offer a menu which will be creative, innovative and of a great quality: enjoy your birthday, special anniversary, wedding, business lunches and meetings, seminars or opening of your new company.

We will bring all that you need on your location, we will serve it and as well clean afterwards. We have many experiences in that field and we can also prepare thematic menus and drinks. We can provide catering for small and larger groups (up to 350 people).

We will arrange catering for your special event to meet your needs at selected location.